Week 2- Get Up & Get out!

The second blog in my series of weekly Sunday posts comes out on a Tuesday.  Inconsistency FTW!

So! I made it to Thursday last week, without thinking of a proper blog topic for this Sunday!! Honestly, because this wasn’t a very inspiring week for me. It was the opposite of that. And I thought, even if I did write, it wouldn’t be worth reading. So after spending hours, basking in my self doubt and thinking to myself, “Who am I doing this for?”, “What is the purpose of this blog series?”, I remembered something I had read a few days ago-

A tweet that said “Hey you! If you are working on something and you’re thinking, ‘nobody’s going to watch, read, listen.’ Finish it anyway.” To which JK Rowling replied, “There were so many times in the early 90s when I needed somebody to say this to me. It is a great advice for many reasons.”

If a genius like JK Rowling says the advice is ‘great’, who am I to ignore it?

So here I am, sitting in a flight at 11:00pm, writing my heart out. (We -my husband & I- are on our way to Acadia National Park.)

After a delayed take-off, the pilot thanks us for our business (you are very welcome!) and announces that one of the passengers has a nut allergy, so they will not be serving peanuts on this flight (So very thoughtful!). 

When the kind airhostess passed my seat, I said,  “I’ll have a black coffee please and water with no ice, thank you.”

“We are serving cookies and pretzels too, miss. Would you like some?”

Preservatives and high fructose corn syrup after dinner at 11pm? “I’ll pass on those, thanks!”

So this blog is fueled by Starbucks Blonde Roast black coffee!

Writing old school. (Before you judge my unorganized scribbling, you must know, that’s a sign of intelligence.. or was it creativity? Something like that..)

The coffee tastes like the beans were roasted a little too much, for my taste. But it is doing its job of keeping me awake and it doesn’t taste too offensive, so I’m not complaining.

Being in the food industry, people expect me to categorize all food/beverages into ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But I’m a ‘lover’, not a ‘snob’. My time at the Culinary Institute of America has introduced me to both those varieties. And being a snob isn’t half as fun as as being a lover! When you’re a snob, what impresses you, is the pretence and the higher price point not the experience itself. When you are a lover, you are open-minded to learn and discover new things about food/wine/spirits/beverages. You are open to the new experiences that the food and beverages bring to you. 

Have you ever craved a really good cup of cappuccino? With the perfect balance of steamed milk and foam? I savoured one, a couple days ago. Luckily, Ann Arbor has awesome cafes that are home to some brilliant baristas. Comet Coffee serves one of the best cappuccinos in town. It is a quaint little cafe in Nickle’s Arcade. If you’re in Ann arbor, MI for a day, this place is worth a visit.

IMG_20170523_133420592_HDR-01       IMG_20170523_132629078-01

So, I sat right outside the cafe, enjoying the subtle cool breeze and the warmth of this wonderful beverage in my cup. To keep me company, I brought a book I have been enjoying for a few weeks- In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan.

IMG_20170523_141613_564 (1)
Comet Coffee, Ann Arbor, MI

Every time I read this book, it reminds me of my grandparents- both were doctors (and students) of Ayurved, for the majority of their lives. So naturally, their views on our modern day ‘western’ eating habits and lifestyles were similar to the ones mentioned in this book. Having grown up with these ‘traditional’/’eastern’ ideals around food, this book makes a very interesting read for me. 

If you (like me) get overwhelmed by diet fads, health claims on food products, unnecessary nutrition labels and the ‘doctor recommended’ DOs and DON’Ts give this book (and others by Michael Pollan) a try!

I’m half way through the book right now, so I carry it everywhere I go, to sneak in some reading wherever I can.

About 10-15 minutes from our home, a small park is designed around the banks of Huron River- Argo Park. It is a great place to reconnect with nature in the middle of the city. Summer time brings some fun water sports- water tubing, kayaking/canoeing- and some beautiful nature hikes. We save all those summer activities for the weekend. 

But on Wednesday, I made myself some yummy cheese sandwiches out of leftover rotis, packed a picnic and headed out for a solo day out in Argo Park. And I am happy to say that this was an incredibly amazing experience! There was a time that I used to get very conscious about going alone to parks/restaurants/bars and other places that pressurize you to be social in order to have a good time. I used to be scared that I’ll be judged by people around me. But one day I said, “Oh Fuck it! Let them judge all they want! Ask me if I care!” It was very liberating! From that day onward, I don’t shy away from choosing to enjoy my own company over forced socializing. Many people in my life still can’t wrap their head around the fact that spending quality time alone by yourself is actually more fun than forcibly being social! And to be honest, no one is really judging you. It is just your own perception. 

2 ducks getting an afternoon nap!

I took a long walk along the cascades of Huron river, observed the ducks, geese, fishes and other birds going about their business. I made an interesting new friend too (the dog)! Because there were practically no people to crowd the place, the ducks and geese dared to come out side of the water and wander about in the park (much like me!). I finally found a spot I wanted to sit in. So I spread out my picnic and spent a couple hours looking at the sky, reading and getting inspired by my surroundings.

Meet my new friend!

I now look back at how I started my week- uninspired, ungrateful, self-doubting, not wanting to get out of bed and clueless about where I’m taking my life. All I needed to do was to Get Up and Get Out!

I still don’t have any solid answers/solutions to any of my problems. But now, I am grateful for this time that I got to spend with myself, I am happy to be on this journey to finding my answers/solutions. I feel grateful for what I have instead of being sad about what I dont. It motivated me to keep writing. And for now, that is enough.


As much as I’d love to keep pouring my heart out on this notepad, I have to stop because the plane is about to land (Hello, BOSTON!!) and my tray table needs to go up.

Before I do that, I want to invite you to Get Up & Get out, to make the most of your time! There are unlimited possible solutions to your problems and when you change your surroundings, venture out of your routine, you will be ready to see them clearly.

Looking forward to an inspiring weekend in the wilderness at Acadia National Park (Now you know what my next blog will be about!) with absolutely no connectivity (hence, the delay in posting this!). 

And….TOUCHDOWN at Boston Logan Airport! 

K. Bye!




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