Week 4- Chin up!

What weekly blog posts? What Week 3?  I missed my last blog (& I’m pretty sure this one’s going to be late!) I know!

Real talk, Here’s what happened-

I wrote my first draft and deleted it. I wrote a 2nd one and deleted it. Then I wrote a 3rd draft and yes! I deleted it. Then I pushed my deadline (‘coz I can!) from Sunday to Tuesday thinking- ‘That ought to do it! Now I’ll write my 4th draft and it will be awesome!’ Yeah, it wasn’t! By Wednesday, I had 6 discarded drafts in my Trash folder. Why did I not post a single one of them? Because not too long ago, I decided to write only the things that came from a place of honesty. And right before hitting “Publish” on all 6 of ’em I felt like I was being pretentious, so they didn’t make it. (I’m still working on it, so… someday!)

After obsessing over this for 6 days and not having anything to show for it, I took a break to clear my mind. I did not think about writing anything until today (Monday). This gave me some time to take a step back and get perspective. And I thought I’d share some of my thoughts here!

In the interest of keeping it real, here’s a fun fact about me- As visa restrictions may have it, I am currently unemployable and so I spend most of my time at home. While this may sound like I’m on a permanent vacation, I am not.

(So if you’re in a place right now where you hate waking up and going to work, know that there is someone, wishing they could not want to wake up to go to work. Also, there are more things common between our lives than you may think!)

I(you) got where I(you) am(are) as a result of a series of choices I(you) made in the course of last few years. I’m(you’re) generally happy with every choice I(you) made and where I(you) am(are) today. However from time to time, I(you) find myself(yourself) wondering about the ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s’ of those choices. Some days I(you) find myself(yourselves) thinking- “Is this it? There MUST be more to life!” I realized that this happened because on those days, I lack a ‘sense of purpose’ (You might too!).

Having a sense of purpose means to know and believe that you are a part of something greater than yourself. And your being/not being, doing/not doing, will make some difference in that ‘something greater’. It is what gives meaning to our existence.

A sense of purpose is not permanent. It keeps changing and you keep discovering it as you grow- It is a journey. Not a destination. So know that it is perfectly normal to sometimes not know where you’re going. People of every age (regardless of what phase of life they’re in) experience this- usually (but not always), after a major change in life.

May be you moved from a job/place that you had learned to love, to somewhere else and this change of place is making you feel lost. May be, you’re a new mom and your child has now learned to walk and talk leaving you with some extra time to rethink the course of your life. Maybe you’re experiencing an ’empty nest’. Or maybe you’ve gotten everything out of your current job that you possibly could! Or maybe nothing in your current life challenges you to grow! If any one of these (or others that I may have missed) rings true for you, know that the situation is not in your hand but what you make out of it, is!

In fact the days that you lose sight of your purpose (as frustrating as they may be), are an opportunity to focus on and explore other parts of your life that may have lost your attention. Reconnect with them!

Read something you’ve been curious about!

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to know? What have you always been curious about/interested in, other than your field of study/work? Politics? Environment? Universe? Theology? World History? Geography? Music? Pschocology? Historic Figures? Art? Philosophy? Finance? Banking? Biology? Food? Wildlife? Science? Technology? Pick up a book about whatever interests you and let it take up all your attention. Do it only for the sake of your curiosity/interest, nothing else. Expect nothing out of this activity but a satisfaction for your curiosity. After a while, your thoughts may wander around the subject. Notice where they go. They’re a good indication of what you like/dislike, stand for/against and that may lead you to what you’d want to be doing. Many times, the most brilliant ideas strike when you’re least expecting them!

Say yes, to the things you’d normally pass.

Until about an year ago, I wasn’t really an outdoorsy person, or so I thought. Why? Because I had never really tried to be one! I never thought I’d enjoy it! But last year I went camping (check out that blog here!) and I realized, I actually LOVE being outdoors! Everything to do with it! Running outside, camping, hiking, doing yoga under the sun surrounded by trees, climbing a mountain, foraging for food and cooking on a bonfire, sleeping under the night sky, stargazing- everything! Discovering that I am a die-hard nature lover, has opened many opportunities for me and has given me a sense of purpose. It has changed me for the better, in many ways! So say yes. Do new things! Explore yourself!

Set goals for your physical fitness and (strive to) achieve them

Physical goals (if you put your heart into it) are the easiest goals of all to achieve! Mind you, this is coming from a person who has never in her life been not chubby. I know the struggle to lose weight a little too well! But I’m not talking about that here, your weight does not define your health! I’m talking about health goals. Have you ever thought, “I wish I could balance my body on one foot/or on my hands!”; or “It’d be so cool if I could run/walk a marathon without getting tired!”; “I want to be able to climb a flight of stairs/a mountain without getting breathless!”. All of these goals/wishes are very much achievable (if you put your heart into it!). Every single one of these are my wishes/hopes/desires/goals for myself. And they give me a reason to get out of bed every day. So if your thoughts have ever taken you on similar tangent, let them guide you to good health! You have many great things to accomplish in your life, none of which would be possible without a healthful body!


Spend quiet time with yourself. I wrote a blog sharing one of my experiences with it- check it out here!

Answer the following questions to yourself.

What was something you’ve always wanted to do? Get rid of all your excuses to not do it. 

Where would you have to start to do what you always wanted to do? Get on with it!

Who do you know that has gone through a similar phase? Reach out to them! Get advice.

Who do you think knows you inside out? A parent, spouse, friend, sibling? Talk to them!

Do at least one thing everyday, that makes YOU truly happy.

Of all the things that make you happy, filter out the things that are out of your control and the things that are superficial (like shopping & stuffing your face with store bought food! they’re sources of momentary happiness-not the kind we’re looking for!). Focus on those that you CAN control and are not temporary. Now when you start your day, ask yourself this- What, out of those things can I do today?  Work out? Donate your time/money to a cause you believe in? Cook delicious food? Do something for someone you love, or for a random stranger? Or for a pet? Paint? Dance? Play music? Take a long relaxing nap? Get out of your comfort zone, in some way? Confront your fear, in some way?  Read something interesting? or (like me) write something! Whatever it is, it is important that you do at least one thing. Everyday. & only for yourself!

I started blogging because I recently realized that I enjoy writing. On some days, it takes me 45 minutes from start to finish. On others, it takes me a month to finish writing and still not have the courage to post it!  But I keep telling myself that it is important that I write. For my own self, at the least! I’m still figuring out what to write about. I know it’ll be a while till I do, so until then, I write the things that I’d like to remind myself. My ‘Notes to Self’, if you will! & I’m happy to share them with you. So if you follow my blogs, Thank you for bearing with my inconsistencies!

Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Week 4- Chin up!

  1. Loved it.any one( besides the age group) can relate to this. To leave your routine/or comfort zone is a real challange.becuse following the routine one feels secure.but in your blog you explained to implement it with small/easy steps.
    Btw good that you discarded the previous 6 write upπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
    Keep writing,keep sharing.πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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